Managed Healthcare Partners, LLC is an equal opportunity employer that recruits talented and qualified employees who are supportive of the mission and vision of the organization as described below:

Our Mission

Improve patient care delivery by promoting high quality, efficient care in a sustainable economic model.

Our Vision

– We have a business structure which supports clinical and financial success under existing and new payor relationships.
– We develop clinical integration strategies with the goal to improve population health management with targeted and appropriate clinical services.
– We provide our Primary Care Physician members with technology solutions to support practice management and quality care and are leaders in community technology solutions planning.
– We seek to grow our market presence by attracting Primary Care Physicians who are aligned with our mission.
– We are known to patients, physicians and insurers for providing high quality and efficient patient care.

The management philosophy is targeted to the Managed Healthcare Partners, LLC Values and Operating Principals as follows:

Our Values

Respect – We honor and dignify the diversity of all individuals.
Honesty & Integrity – We uphold the principles of truth and trust in our business ethic.
Innovation – We embrace change with creativity, resourcefulness and willingness to take risks. Commitment – We pursue our shared vision of thisorganization through our contributions, patience and loyalties.
Excellence – We are committed to superior performance.

Operating Principles

Communication – We are committed to direct, honest and open dialogue.
Engagement – We understand that we must be individually committed to projects, assignments and initiatives in recognition that we each contribute to the success of the organization.
Teamwork & Collaboration – We work together to achieve common goals and foster a spirit of responsibility and accountability.
Confidentiality – We respect and preserve the integrity and privacy of patient, physician organization and employee information.
Sharing Knowledge – We are a community of professionals who share knowledge and promote continuous education.



Managed Healthcare Partners, LLC is currently seeking qualified individuals for the following position:

Certified Medical Coder

The Certified Medical Coder will be responsible for assigning ICD-9 diagnosis and procedure codes for the purpose of reimbursement, regulations and research. The qualified applicant will possess excellent data entry skills and have the ability to work in many computer applications simultaneously.


2 years previous coding experience
Medicare coding experience highly preferred
Must have good basic computer knowledge
High School Diploma or GED equivalent required!
Must provide verifiable employment and education history .

Please send your resume to and note the position you are applying for in the subject line